How Delacon’s Integration with Ruler Analytics Allows Businesses to Gain Crucial Details on Inbound Leads

In an exciting recent update, Delacon has announced an integration with Ruler Analytics. In this article, we’re going to be outlining some of the amazing benefits businesses can expect to attain in relation to inbound leads and marketing activities when implementing the Delacon and Ruler Analytics integration.

Introduction to Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics provides a simple way to follow a customer’s journey and match to revenue. Ruler Analytics tracks all interactions, so effective changes can be made to your marketing strategy to ensure your campaign is reporting growth.

By connecting Delacon and Ruler Analytics, your marketing team will receive a full view of campaign activity for your business, and provide a clear picture of what is happening between your offline and online marketing events.

Benefits of implementing the Delacon and Ruler Analytics integration for your business

Using the Delacon and Ruler Analytics integration, you will receive more detailed and actionable information relating to your inbound leads. Rather than simply gaining information surrounding the lead source of a direct phone call, the user can also be connected to their previous marketing touchpoints.

Any inbound calls received via Delacon can be attributed within your Ruler Analytics dashboard, which paints a full picture of all marketing activity. Ruler Analytics is able to trace back to the original visitor and provide you with their journey on your website.

How to set up and configure the Delacon and Ruler Analytics integration

Setting up your Delacon and Ruler Analytics integration is as easy as can be. Simply contact Ruler Analytics to provide a Webhook Endpoint URL for your Delacon account. Once you have received your Webhook Endpoint URL, follow instructions provided by Delacon to push your data from the Delacon platform into Ruler Analytics.

Innovative data is always at your fingertips when you implement Delacon’s integration with Ruler Analytics. Your business will be provided with more data than ever, and you will be able to accurately follow a visitor’s journey through your campaigns.

Email our office on Partnerships@delaconcorp.com if you have any questions or would like to implement this integration within your business today!